Desert Rule

Many courses in Arizona and Nevada have this rule. Where desert areas are considered as water hazards. Take a one stroke penalty and drop within two club lengths from point of ball entry. For those that get their ball caught in a sahuaro - it's best to just Instagram it for all your buddies to see...Pro.

Sun City Riverview Golf Course | Bullhead City Riverview Golf Course | Mesa Riverview Golf Course

Golfers Love Riverview Golf Course in Arizona

Sun City, Arizona

In the heart of Sun City lies a local favorite 18 hole golf course. Known for rippled greens throughout, if you can put here, you can put just about anywhere.
Set your tee time at Riverview Golf Course in Sun City and view the course details.

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Mark Stoltz - Sun City Course

Bullhead City, Arizona

A challenging 9 hole, 1160 yards, par 3 public course. Featuring rolling terrain and excellent top greens. Being 90 miles south of Las Vegas, Nevada many locals enjoy the entertainment options, inlcuding Laughlin and Nevada casinos.
View Riverview Golf Course Bullhead City course details and book your tee time at.

Mesa, Arizona

A once challenging course offering challenging plays and terrific views. The course is now closed.
View Riverview Golf Course Mesa AZ course details.


Let's face it, there are risks in golf. A ricochet ball hitting you in the head, lightning striking you down well in Florida. Watch out for lunging alligators, although rare to see attacks - it happens. Check out Summerfield's Riverview Golf Course.

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Opened to the public in 1977. Dublin's Riverview Golf Course became rated as top 100 courses in the state. Featuring 3 sets of tees for differnt skill levels and a 69.1 USGA rating. Set your tee time at City of Dublin's Riverview Golf Course.

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Get ready to play after the snow melts, but remember to dress weather-appropiate by investing in rain gear. Yeah your numbers might climb in wet conditions, but at least you will have unpruned feet. View Stewartville's course.

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Perfect Golf Doesn't Magically Happen
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* Energy Effecient - Golf courses in Phoenix, Arizona are integrating independent solar energy to power their clubhouses, restaurants, golf cart charging stations and underground irrigation pumping power. Collaborating with golf course architects and golf club engineers, Solar Solutions Phoenix and Custom Solar Solutions AZ are reducing operating costs and stabiliznig energy expenses.

* No Pests On Our Courses - Well, maybe not 100% clear but you get the picture. Creating paradise-like course layouts clear of pests is not an easy task. Thanks to Arizona's best , Pest Control Phoenix company, are courses are virtually free of those annoying pests.

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